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Jason Francis, LPC-S

As a therapist that specializes in Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine, my interests lie in the area of mind/body/spirit connectivity and how our physiology, spirituality, and psychology are interconnected.


Mr. Francis has work with individuals of all ages over the past 20 years dealing with a variety of issues ranging from psychiatric illness to the psychological component to various medical conditions. Individual, family, group, and marriage therapies are modalities in which he see his patients.


Mr. Francis is trained in Clinical Hypnosis through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis as well as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy through the Ellis Institute of New York City.  He is also an LPC-Supervisor and serves as an adjunct professor of psychology for several Universities and Medical School.


Mr. Francis is also a professional musician and along with colleague/partner

Mrs. Jeanne Williams, LPC, NCC, also a professional musician, co-founded the non-profit organisation Therapy CenterStage Productions.  The sole aim of their non-profit is to bring awareness to mental health through the healing powers of the expressive arts.


Mr. Francis also continues to maintain an active performance career, singing concerts to raise awareness and funds for charitable organisations as well as guest lecturing in master class sessions for vocalists. For more information, or to follow Mr. Francis music career, visit

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