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Sara's clinical website

Sara Ferguson, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) serving in Texas. As a psychotherapist, I am passionate about helping people overcome life's hard challenges whether they be from trauma, relationship problems, addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, health issues, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, loneliness, self-esteem issues and many other trials that life may have thrown your way. Nomatter what has happened to you or what you feel you may have done that keeps

you down, hope is real and healing is possible. There will be no judgment here, only understanding and compassion for you and your lite story.

I specialize in attachment focused EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and have advanced training to work with those who have experienced big or little traumas that keep them from achieving peace and happiness current day. Serving with clients that have experienced trauma, or other debilitating issues has strengthened my resolve to help people heal from the underlying and past problems that keep them from experiencing the success and joy they long to have now and in their future.

I love working with and empowering people and feel it a privilege to help bring others out of their trauma and hardships to become their best selves. I will consider your whole life, your environment and experiences now and in the past, including relationships, mental/physical health, work/school, and spirituality to see the full picture of you. I then will join with you to create a personal plan to achieve healing, true happiness and your personal goals.

My life experiences of marriage, motherhood, a blended family, grandchildren, family

addictions, divorce and the healing power of faith has enriched my life and fired a strong passion in me to help others in their healing journey. I would love to partner with you to process and resolve the struggles that have kept you from being your strongest and healthiest self, so that you may enjoy life now and move forward with confidence and peace.

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