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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice at the Center for Children and Families in Waco, Texas.  Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I graduated from the University of North Texas, and completed a Masters in Counseling Psychology at Baylor University, along with state certification in School Counseling.  I spent many years as a school and career counselor, and now specialize in counseling children, adolescents, adults, career counseling, and life coaching.

I am trained as a therapist, but also hold a board certification as a Life Coach.  Life Coaching is a different modality from therapy, useful when one may not need counseling, but needs help to navigate life challenges, such as college, careers, personal and/or professional goals.  My passion is to empower those I assist to achieve their best life through finding their strengths and developing appropriate action strategies to reach their goals.

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